Same Sex Partnerships...

Civil partnerships are here to stay and what better way to show your commitment to each other by celebrating such an occasion alongside your most loyal family and friends.

White Wing Ceremonies can help you to create the wedding of your dreams by having a personal, sincere and meaningful day in the comfort of your chosen venue and with vows that give depth to how you feel about one another as well as the intimacy that radiates from all relationships on days such as these.

What a lovely way to share not only in the wonder of your future together but in the fact that love is not about gender. Instead of worrying about how to make your ceremony marry up with tradition, you have an amazing opportunity to do away with old school must-haves and reinvent a day that means everything to you on a personal level.

You have a blank canvass to work from and at White Wing Ceremonies we say anything goes. Be creative, have a best woman or a bridesman. Include as many or as few crew mates as you like and most importantly love and laugh on the one day you can truly be yourself.

Engage a live band or a classical singer (I know a great one) and enjoy the beauty of the day. I will help you create this day so that it matches perfectly what you want. I will give you my full commitment during our time together so if you feel to speak further simply give me a call or send me an email.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

“It’s not a gay wedding it’s just a wedding and it’s not a gay marriage it’s just a marriage and anyway you both have the right to be as miserable as all straight people”.

IMPORTANT - Please be aware that Civil Weddings are not legal marriages. Legal marriage formalities in the UK can only be undertaken by a registrar or a minister of religion - except in Scotland where other regulations apply.