Pet Funerals presented by Rainbow Bridge Ceremonies

We all want to remember the part our pets made to our family and as a pet owner, I know only too well how my heart has ached when we’ve lost our pets.  Ours were a massive part of our family and our lives. They were my confidants and they never let me down so it was really tough saying goodbye to them.

A ceremony that allows you to honour the memory of your pet brings a sense of comfort and Rainbow Bridge Ceremonies will create with your help a service that gives your pet the dignified and heartfelt service they deserve.

You might like to say goodbye at home, perhaps on your pet’s favourite walk or a place they simply liked to be. Our services are not only

a positive way to help with the grief but are also a positive way for children to experience loss and grief that gives them the space to say goodbye. We encourage all the family to contribute as sharing your experiences bring the family together so that you are able to comfort one another. If anyone would like to read a poem or say a few words this is actively encouraged.

Rainbow Bridge Ceremonies will meet with you to discuss gently what you would like for your pet, we will write the service and between us we will plan the running order and agree where the service will be held.

‘Our pets lead us from patience to love and then to loss – but it’s always a journey worth taking’

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