Birds of Prey and Doves

As your wedding day or civil partnership approaches and plans are being made, questions nearly always arise like: What can we do that’s a bit different? What can we do that keeps the guests occupied?  How can we make our day ‘really’ special?

The answer to all the above is simple. It starts with the rings, what a more amazing start to thrill your guests with by having an owl glide almost silently and majestically down the aisle to deliver the rings to your best man or the groom himself.

Our gentle barn owl will carry the rings in a small bag attached to its leg and once settled on the fist of the groom or best man, the rings are recovered and the bird returned to the falconer. This is a truly beautiful spectacle to see and a memory that will stay with you for some time.

Why not make the entertainment for your guests as they arrive one they will remember by getting them involved. A bird of prey flying to your gloved hand is a

remarkable experience and you will have a choice as to whether you choose one of our gentle barn owls, a hawk or a kestrel.   

To compliment your wedding or civil partnership ceremony It’s important for us at White Wing Ceremonies to ensure that your guests are not left unattended for long periods of time, which is why our professional falconer will engage with them whilst they are waiting to have photos taken or perhaps they are waiting for family to arrive at the chosen venue.

The surprise is that no one will be expecting to see such a display whether it’s a static, flying or a training display. We will bring a selection of birds along to your big day and photographs can be taken freely (although we will need to take into account the venue and layout when considering these options)

Static displays can be arranged in a suitable place at the venue and may include guests simply being able to visit them throughout the day and the falconer will be on hand at all times

to answer any questions, which there will be many.

And who can resist the beauty of releasing a dove as a symbol of peace and love? Not many I’m sure and after you are married this is another lovely way to show your commitment to one another. It’s a truly lovely ending to a beautiful day.

‘Great ideas come into the world as gently as doves’
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