Baby Naming Ceremonies...

Ah a baby, your very own bundle of joy has arrived, all safe and sound and now another big responsibility, what to call this most beautiful and adored little being.

Anytime following the birth of a baby is a great time for a naming ceremony although they are equally as special on their first birthday or another milestone. This type of ceremony is a welcome change to a traditional christening or baptism and can be held anywhere you like.

Fill your ceremony with supporting adults or guide parents instead of traditional godparents. Ask them to write their own promises to this little bundle who will look up to them for advice and support. Poems and readings as well as mentioning grandparents and loved ones who are no longer with us is a lovely way of bringing people together.

Consider having your baby’s special day in a marquee, manor house, garden, barn or local hall. The ceremony is written with everyone involved and is a lovely way of keeping it very personal and very intimate, regardless of how many people are present.

​Meeting me beforehand and with no obligation, will give you the opportunity to ask questions, share your ideas and have a taste of my style, which I am confident you will be happy with. I would want the best for me if I were you and this is my way of ensuring we can work together to create an absolute joyous and memorable event by using everything you want to commemorate such a beautiful day.


​What an exciting and lovely time! 

“First, we had each other, then we had you and now we have everything. You filled a place in our hearts that we never knew was empty”
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